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Security Electronic Technology (HK) Limited offers high-end encryption solutions that meet tomorrow's needs of application security of data transfers for commercial and private banks as well as financial companies.



Our Solutions

Security Electronic Technology (HK) Limited offers security technology for the banking and financial sector. Our clients require a secure technology that provides them the ability to carry out transactions without the possibility of theft, viruses, or interruption to services.


Full Suite of Integrated Security Software Solutions
Security Electronic Technology (HK) Limited currently offers three fully integrated security technology products which have been designed to facilitate the needs of financial institutions globally.


We offer flexible solutions to meet our client’s needs from on-site hosting to dedicated cloud servers, our strengths and capabilities are able to support a wide reach from Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Private Banking, Private Corporate Institutions and Wealth Management firms.


Our solutions are designed to help the access of data from an organization to the client to be protected from outside threats. We ensure that our revolutionary patented technology offers a secure channel of communication that will go uninterrupted and provide maximized security.


With our global headquarters situated in Hong Kong, our research and development site based in Shanghai, China. We provide your daily transactions the security it warrants from the never ending threats in today’s society.


Our reach and knowledge can adhere to meet the needs of Islamic Banking to African Banking to Banking in Latin America, our solutions are designed to support the financial industry across Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.


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