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The most powerful cryptogram technology available today.

SETHK Products

Security Electronic Technology (HK) Limited offers the latest technology that exists, we continue to push the boundaries of security to offer our clients a peace of mind ensuring secure encrypted data transfer.

Within a highly competitive market for security technology services, we differ from our competitors by providing state of the art onsite hosting, cloud services as well as our full ownership of patent algorithms that sets us apart from the rest.



SecureGate Authentication (SGA) 镇守出入口验证
The most advanced security technology created for payment card transactions within the banking and financial sector; our high-end bit encryption allows for multiple channels of authentication to run simultaneously via our dedicated hosting servers or through the secure online cloud.

SGA employs the most powerful cryptogram technology available today.


LionGuard 狮子保卫
We have designed LionGuard for companies’ internal network and server security. Our ultra fast threat detection eliminates risk before exposure to your network. With a patented safety net that acts as a guard for desktop applications and programmes protecting and encrypting your keystrokes.

LionGuard is the in-house solution for large institutions ensuring maximum protection.


MobileShield 移动式盾
For banking, financial institutions and organizations that offer their clients access to Apple and Android mobile applications, we have developed a secure revolutionary framework built with a high end cipher that encrypts and decrypts data in blocks of 256 bits.

MobileShield provides online transactions that are made safe and secure, protecting personal credentials, transactions and data exchanges.



Where innovation meets security technology.

Security Electronic Technology (HK) Limited exists in a competitive industry flooded by many different types of cybersecurity technology offerings. We have many distinguishing factors which set us apart from our competition.

We offer our clients a tailored solution which they can have both on-site and on-cloud hosted services, this includes our patented technology which can be accustomed to each individual need to ensure a streamlined service.


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