Innovative banking security solutions

Our core products are directly designed to facilitate “Banking and Payment” sector solutions. The financial services sector is rapidly changing and our clients are always looking for more secure options to facilitate their day-to-day transactions.

Next Generation Security Technology

Security Electronic Technology (HK) Limited provides innovative
banking solutions with the main objective of developing, maintaining and deploying
cutting edge cyber security technology for financial institutions globally


Rebuilt from the inside out

SecureGate Authentication (SGA) 镇守出入口验证 | The most advanced security technology
created for payment card transactions within the banking and financial sector; our high-end bit encryption
allows for multiple channels of authentication to run simultaneously.

Advanced Cryptogram Technology

We have developed SecureGate Authentication (SGA) 镇守出入口验证 that employs the most powerful cryptogram technology available today.

High-end Bit Encryption

Our encryption is handled with AES 256-bit for data and a customized 512-bit algorithm for maximised protection.

Dedicated Server

All dedicated servers are hosted in-house with us or client, we provide a fully robust backup and secure structure allowing for peace of mind.

Online Cloud

Online storage solutions provide clients with a backup facility for their network.


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